Preceptors & Adjunct Faculty


Preceptors are licensed professional practitioners who provide education and training to pharmacy students on experiential education rotations such as in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry or other relevant and approved practice sites. Preceptors support the advancement of the academic mission of the School of Pharmacy and may also participate in research, service and other creative work as determined by their job description and practice site affiliation. Preceptors who work with the School of Pharmacy on voluntary or part-time basis are given the title of “Adjunct Faculty”.

Privileges for Preceptors

In appreciation of their service, preceptors may have the following complimentary privileges:

  • Adjunct faculty appointment at the School of Pharmacy
  • Electronic access to University library online materials and databases
  • Access to other pharmacy educational resources (e.g., Pharmacist’s Letter) and continuing education programs
  • Invitation to School-based faculty development seminars, workshops and events
  • Eligibility for the Preceptor of the Year Award