At the LAU School of Pharmacy, we maintain an open-door policy towards all enrolled students. Our Staff are engaged, dedicated and qualified professionals ready to assist and support students and faculty members with their administrative needs while fulfilling a wide range of duties complementing the school’s mission.

Student Affairs Office

The one-of-a-kind Student Affairs Office (SAO), operating since 2009, is the first point of contact of pharmacy students for administrative issues. They can visit it to submit petitions, seek advising guidance, ask about admission requirements and for other types of requests. To know more about how SAO can help you during your study years, get in touch with Ms. Rana Shehab.

Dean’s Office

This office handles all tasks related to administrative workflows, communication, events, informational material, school strategic direction, promotion and visbility, and much more. For more information, contact Ms. Manale Helou Nader.

Staff Pamela FernainyPamela Fernainy
Office: CHSC 6114
Ext: 2240

Staff Manale Helou NaderManale Helou Nader
Office: CHSC 6106
Ext: 2315

Meet Our Staff

We are fortunate to have a supportive, efficient and dedicated staff that keeps the school moving forward and enriches it through a diversity of backgrounds.

Staff Nadine Farhat Bou JaoudeNadine Farhat Bou Jaoude
Office: Science Bldg–Room 505
Ext: 2149

Staff Rana Daoud ShehabRana Daoud Shehab
Office: CHSC 6104D
Ext: 2393

Staff Pauline Hitti SalamehPauline Hitti Salameh
Office: CHSC 6103
Ext: 2442

Staff Patricia Habib MogensenPatricia Habib Mogensen
Office: CHSC 6104A
Ext: 2436

Staff Marie SiliMarie Sili
Office: CHSC 6111
Ext: 2455