Strategic Plan 2018-2023: “LEADING THE WAY”

Strategic Plan Development

The development of the school’s 5-year Strategic Plan 2018-2023 was overseen by a steering committee and developed through an all-inclusive process, thereby creating a sense of ownership and citizenship. This undertaking of magnitude comprised full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty/preceptors, staff, students, alumni, practitioners, employers and other stakeholders. Input on the Strategic Plan was collected in a school retreat, surveys, focus groups, emails and meetings.

Strategic Plan Components

The Strategic Plan of the LAU School of Pharmacy for 2018-2023 titled “LEADING THE WAY” revolves around three pillars: Education; Research; and Practice. The pillars are intersected with cross-cutting tracks, including: Faculty; Students; Innovation, Advancement and Leadership; Staff; Facilities; Academic Alliances; and Marketing and Branding. The pillars and goals are aligned with the school’s Mission, Vision and Values, LAU’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022, ACPE Standards 2016, and the AACP Strategic Plan 2016-2019. The Strategic Plan includes pillars, goals by which the aims of the pillars will be realized, with specific action items, key performance indicators, resources, and implementation timeline.

Rightly so, the LAU School of Pharmacy is leading the way nationally and regionally for innovation in education, practice, and scientific discovery, and in promoting the role of the pharmacist in optimizing patient outcomes as part of the interprofessional healthcare team.

Pillar 1. Education

This pillar aims for excellence in education through innovation, development and partnerships, for its graduating students to be team- and practice-ready, and to raise the profile of pharmacy as an essential healthcare profession. Learning is accomplished through commitment to:

Pillar 2. Research

This pillar underscores the importance of nurturing wide-ranging research as an integral component of faculty work and students’ learning. This can be accomplished through collaboration, development, resources and support, intra- and inter-disciplinary graduate and postgraduate programs, and engaging undergraduate and graduate students in valuable educational research activities.

Pillar 3. Practice

This pillar conveys the value that the school places on advancing the scope of pharmacy practice through interprofessional collaboration and patient-centered care, supported by contemporary national laws and regulations. This is accomplished through partnerships, advocacy, transformational practice models, and expanding the scope of pharmacy training and practice.