The two pre-pharmacy or pre-professional years are at the entry-level of the curriculum. After successful completion of pre-pharmacy courses, students may apply for admission to the professional program leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degrees.


Applicants to pre-pharmacy studies should contact the LAU Admissions Office and follow the University regular undergraduate application process. Eligible applicants include students who have been admitted to LAU, or others who hold an academic degree (e.g., B.A., B.S.) of different majors or course of study. Applicants who hold an academic degree from an American institution are exempted from taking the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) courses.

Major Declarations/Admission Criteria for Freshmen Students

The criteria, deadlines and standards for freshman students who want to declare major into pre-pharmacy are:



The deadlines for submitting a petition is the end of each semester (i.e., fall, spring and summer terms) to be admitted into the following semester.


To be eligible for applying to admission into the pre-pharmacy program, applicants must fulfill all of the following:


Pre-Professional Year 1

Fall Semester (17 credits)

Number Course Name Cr.
ARA___ Appreciation of Arabic Literature 3
BIO201 General Biology I 3
BIO201B General Biology I, Lab 1
CHM005 Preparatory Chemistry 0
CHM205 Fundamentals of Chemistry 3
PED___ Physical Education 1
______ LAC-Arts and Humanities (*) 3
______ LAC-Digital Cultures 3

(*) Excluding Arabic Literature. This is applicable to LAS curriculum Z.

Spring Semester (16 credits)

Number Course Name Cr.
CHM311 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHM313 Organic Chemistry I, Lab 1
ENG202 Advanced Academic English 3
PHA202 Medical Anatomy & Physiology 4
PHA204 Computer Application to Pharmacy 2
______ LAC-Change Makers 3

Pre-Professional Year 2

Fall Semester (14 credits)

Number Course Name Cr.
CHM312 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM314 Organic Chemistry II, Lab 1
COM203 Art of Public Communication 3
PHA209 Principles of Pathophysiology and Immunology 4
PHA211 Microbiological Basis of Disease 3

Spring Semester (17 credits)

Number Course Name Cr.
ECO20_ LAC-Micro/Macroeconomics 3
PHA205 Statistics for Health Profession Majors 3
PHA208 Medical Biochemistry 4
PHA210 Systems Pathophysiology 4
______ LAC-Change Makers 3

For more details regarding Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements, kindly refer to this link.

Academic Rules and Procedures

Pre-pharmacy students follow LAU’s undergraduate academic rules and procedures that govern passing grades, academic standing, probation, recognition, student classification, academic load, and student conduct.

To be eligible to apply for the professional pharmacy program, LAU students must fulfill all of the following conditions during their pre-pharmacy years:

Major pre-pharmacy courses include PHA, BIO and CHM. 

For transfer students, only the courses that are listed in the pre-pharmacy curriculum, either transferred from their previous University or done at LAU, will be taken into consideration in the calculation of the GPA and number of repeats.