In an effort to provide adequate learning and experiential education opportunities to its students, the LAU School of Pharmacy (SOP) has partnered in Lebanon with 35 community pharmacies, 24 hospitals, 3 dispensaries, 2 pharmaceutical industries, 1 distributor and the Ministry of Public Health. The SOP signed agreements with Houston Methodist Hospital and five Walgreens sites in the United States. The SOP also signed an exchange agreement for students and faculty with Wayne State University Eugene Appelbaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Detroit, Michigan.

In addition, the SOP maintains partnerships with industry leaders and other sponsors, increasing students’ educational and training opportunities while opening up research collaboration options for faculty members.

The SOP maintains an experiential education agreement with Benta, one of the largest pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing companies in Lebanon, to provide students and faculty with access to the company’s facilities, equipment, personnel and services.

Similarly, through a partnership with Algorithm, Pharm.D. students can complete their experiential education and training at Algorithm’s facilities and use their laboratories, equipment, services and personnel.

On April 2, 2015, LAU’s School of Pharmacy entered into an agreement regarding academic collaboration and partnership with the pharmaceutical manufacturer Algorithm.
In 2012, LAU signed an Experiential Educational Agreement with prominent pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing company Benta.
Pharmacy students are exposed to dispensary activities at The Makhzoumi Foundation.
On December 18, 2012, LAU signed an experiential agreement in regulatory affairs with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

Pharm.D. students can also complete an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) elective in regulatory affairs. They have the opportunity to spend a five-day rotation at MERSACO, a leading regional pharmaceutical distributor, where they follow a structured rotation in the Regulatory, Safety and Compliance, and Quality departments. They also benefit from an agreement with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. Students are exposed to dispensary activities, namely at The Makhzoumi Foundation, Ajialouna and Saint Antoine.


Preceptors are licensed professional practitioners who reinforce the education and training of pharmacy students on experiential education rotations in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and other school-approved practice sites. Preceptors support the advancement of the school’s academic mission and may also participate in research, service and other creative work as determined by their job description and practice site collaboration. Those who work with the SOP on a voluntary or part-time basis are given the title of Adjunct Faculty.

Every year, the SOP grants the Preceptors of the Year Awards recognizing the two most committed and exemplary volunteer preceptors of the P3 and P4 classes.

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