Joint Health Sciences and Nutrition Workshop

On January 11, LAU School of Arts & Sciences [SoAS], Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine [SOM], Alice Ramez Chagoury School of Nursing [ARCSON], and School of Pharmacy [SOP] organized a joint Health Sciences and Nutrition workshop to share classroom and clinical experiences and encourage possible teaching and research collaboration. Champions with representations from each school presented 10 topics of interest at designated stations. Participants rotated between these stations, provided their own insights, asked questions, addressed common educational outcomes, discussed potential collaboration and overall, established an inclusive interprofessional environment.

The below topics were presented during the first session:

And, during the second session:

The first Joint Health Sciences and Nutrition workshop was an excellent learning experience for presenters and participants. The goal, as many expressed, is to make this workshop an annual event before each Spring semester.