LAU School of Pharmacy Recognized by ACPE for its Noteworthy Practices

During the focused accreditation review by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) in October 2011, the LAU School of Pharmacy was recognized by ACPE for its Noteworthy Practices. ACPE commended the School of Pharmacy for the accreditation Standard No. 9 on Interprofessional Education: “IPE effort that engages nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and the social sciences, includes curricular modules over three years that cover a broad range of topics and brings together students for all professions for group activities”, and for Standard No. 12 on Curriculum Mapping: “Exceptional mapping. Includes a systematic approach engaging all faculty members, as well as an assessment of the level or type of instruction:  introduce, reinforce, apply. Uses subcommittees of coordinator, instructors, and a member of the School Curriculum Committee to accomplish individual mapping tasks.”