Faculty Personal and Professional Development

The School and University are heavily vested in supporting the personal and professional development of faculty. These can be through programs that are school-sponsored, LAU’s Office of Graduate Studies and Research and Center for Innovative Learning, partnerships such as with the National Council for Scientific Research and with funds allocated by the school research committee for faculty research, training, attendance of professional meetings, and reimbursement of publication fees. Application to these grants follow the guidelines of the School Research Committee.

Faculty Professional Development Committee

The Faculty Professional Development Committee is composed of representatives of School administrators, full-time and adjunct Faculty and staff. Its main duties are to identify the professional development needs of faculty and preceptors, and coordinate the delivery of continuing education and professional advancement activities.

School-Sponsored Professional Development Seminars and Workshops

Topic Date
Crucial conversation: giving feedback 05/03/2019
Power of learning (OSCEs-led workshop) 04/25/2019
Antibiotics refresher* 01/29/2019
Making IT healthy: medication safety and rise in technology (ACPE CE credits) 11/07/2018
The power of innovation 05/21/2018
Updates in infectious disease-clinical pearls* 05/03/2108
Evidence-based research: how to design search strategies for systematic reviews 04/10/2018
Lean Pharmacy management 12/05/2017
PCSK9 Inhibitors: where do we stand? 12/05/2017
Tips for success in academic publishing 11/27/2017
Introduction to OSCEs 10/18/2017
Code of ethics for drug promotion* 04/11/2017
Clinical (pharmacy) research initiatives* 04/06/2017
Research design 02/13/2017
Management of non-small cell lung cancer* 05/26/2016
Teaching and learning in the 21st century 05/13/2016
Sedation, analgesia and delirium in the ICU: what’s new?* 05/05/2016
Insights in simulation-based education 04/25/2016
Publishing educational papers 04/08/2016
Quality assessment of publications 12/07/2015
Pharmacoeconomics 11/03/2015
Treatment and prevention of thrombosis* 10/29/2015
Biostatistics application (series of 7 sessions) 03/09; 16; 23; 04/20; 05/04; 13; 27/2015
Highlights in antithrombotic therapy* 03/26/2015
Management of febrile neutropenia* 01/29/2015
Ebola virus disease 01/29/2015

*Held at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital (LAUMC-RH).  

Held at the Annual Preceptors Appreciation Event.

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Professional Development Resources

Faculty Mentoring

The School of Pharmacy values and supports the continuing professional development and career advancement of its Faculty. In order to achieve these goals, annual funds are allocated to support individual full-time faculty members in further developing their skills and abilities in the areas of teaching, research, service and leadership. Furthermore, faculty members especially junior faculty who have identified needs for professional development are assigned a senior faculty mentor who will provide formative mentoring and guidance on career development in accordance to a formal Individual Faculty Mentoring and Development Plan document.

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