Faculty Performance Assessment and Evaluation

The evaluation of faculty performance utilizes the Faculty Annual Activity Reporting and Career Planning document that collects annual data (January 1 through December 31) on the professional activities of full-time School faculty members in the areas of teaching, research and service. The document also provides faculty members with the opportunity to reflect in a self-evaluation narrative on their professional work and accomplishments during the past year and set a plan for their future professional goals and career development. The document is completed (by end of February) by faculty members and submitted to respective department chairs. During the annual faculty performance evaluation meeting, department chairs provide formal feedback to faculty members on their performance in addition to professional advice on career development and progression.

The Faculty Annual Activity Reporting and Career Planning document captures explicitly and clearly faculty performance criteria in line with their work responsibilities, and is consistent with the criteria and guidelines for faculty performance evaluation and review for promotion and tenure. For instance, teaching assessment takes into consideration teaching load, quality and innovation, course coordination and interprofessional education. Research assessment includes publication types and venues, scientific presentations, grants, patents and license agreements. Service assessment includes service on committees, pharmacy practice/patient care, students and faculty services, supervisory and administrative roles, editorial services, consulting, and community service. The document also gathers information on faculty received honors, awards, professional fellowships, board certification, or other recognition.