Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Department provides students with a foundation in basic and applied pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, as well as in social, behavioral and administrative sciences.

Basic sciences faculty members have a wide variety of teaching and scholarly interests, including pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pathophysiology, microbiology, molecular medicine, biology, immunology, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical ethics, behavioral sciences, biostastistics, management, and more. The faculty engages in didactic teaching, scholarly activities and laboratory research, as well as service to the school, university, profession and community.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department is to educate students in biomedical, pharmaceutical, social, behavioral and administrative sciences. The department is committed to promote research excellence and provide meaningful contributions to the profession and community.

Members of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department will accomplish the department’s mission through the following activities:

  1. Foster professional development in students by promoting critical thinking and life-long learning
  2. Conduct basic and translational interdisciplinary research in pharmaceutical sciences
  3. Encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in community service and professional development activities
  4. Maintain a collegial environment to support faculty and staff retention and development

For more information, please contact Dr. Mohammad Mroueh, chair of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department.