B.S. in Pharmacy

Admission to the Professional Pharmacy Program

The professional program requires successful completion of pre-pharmacy studies. Applicants transferring from an outside academic institution must have a minimum letter grade B or its equivalent on any of the major pre-pharmacy courses (see below) or their LAU course equivalents, for them to be eligible for applying to professional year 1 (P1).

All applicants must complete an application form that can be obtained from the office of Student Affairs at the School of Pharmacy. The application deadline is April 15 with all required documents included. Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

To be eligible for admission to the professional pharmacy program, applicants must fulfill all of the following conditions in pre-pharmacy:

  • Completed all pre-pharmacy courses with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Passed all major courses with a minimum letter grade C on any course. Major courses include all PHA courses as well as BIO201, CHM201, CHM311, CHM312, CHM313, and CHM314. For the non-major courses, D is considered a passing letter grade.
  • Did not exceed three course repeats, whether these repeats were of the same course or different courses. Note that a course withdrawal noted “WF” is counted as repeat.
  • Did not receive more than one official academic warning.

For transfer students, only courses listed in the pre-pharmacy curriculum, either transferred from an outside academic institution or LAU, will be taken into consideration in the calculation of the GPA and the number of repeats.

Evaluation criteria for admission into the professional program are based on:

  • The cumulative GPA as well as the GPA related to major courses.
  • The performance on an interview conducted during the admissions process.
  • A cumulative internal evaluation by all School Faculty who were directly involved in teaching the applicant.
  • Three recommendation letters (attached to the application).
  • An assessment of the applicant writing skills based on his/her performance in a short essay.
  • Number of repeated courses (R), withdrawal (WF), and failed courses (F).
  • Number of official academic warning.

The School Admissions Committee reviews the applications and conducts students interviews at the end of the Spring semester of the preceding academic year. Admission to the professional pharmacy program takes place in the Fall semester of the following academic year. Typically, up to 75 students are accepted in the P1 year.

A student who meets the admissions criteria may carry over one course from the pre-pharmacy program to the professional program, upon the approval of the School Academic Council. This exception does not apply to courses from which a student has withdrawn or scored a final letter grade F. Moreover, a student seeking this exception must provide proof that he/she was unable to repeat the course prior to the start of the P1 year. A student must pass the said course with a minimum letter grade C within the following academic year, otherwise he/she will not be promoted to the next academic year.