The school annually allocates internal funds to support its full-time faculty members in their research and professional development. School research teams in basic and clinical sciences bring together diverse areas of interests for the generation of collaborative research.

Below are a few examples of published research by our basic science faculty in the academic year 2016–2017.

Major Nucleotide Repair System Found in DJ-1 Enzymes
Assistant Professor Jad Abdallah with researchers in France found a mechanism by which glycated DNA (i.e. DNA damaged by sugar metabolism byproducts) is repaired. The paper was published in Science.

Delving into the Neural Mechanisms that Regulate Breathing
Assistant Professor Roy Kanbar, working in collaboration with scientists from the University of Virginia, has published impressive work on retrotrapezoid nucleus neurons, which sustain breathing. Some of these papers have been recommended in F1000.

Furthering Cancer Research in Lebanon

Assistant Professors Tamara Abou Antoun and Jad Abdallah have worked jointly with University of Balamand faculty on molecular/cancer research. One paper was published and another is in the works, both stemming from a CNRS grant.

Cross-Disciplinary Investigation of Local Medicinal Plants

Associate Professor Mohammad Mroueh teamed up with LAU School of Arts and Sciences faculty members to shed light on the medicinal effects of compounds found in certain plants.