Drs. Zeenny and Kabbara Earn Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy

Clinical Assistant Professors, Rony Zeenny, Pharm.D., and Wissam Kabbara, Pharm.D., earned certification as Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialists (BCPS) in December 2013. They are amongst several other clinical faculty members of the LAU School of Pharmacy to hold BCPS certification. Dr. Zeenny and Dr. Kabbara are graduates of the LAU School of Pharmacy. They joined the School’s pharmacy practice department in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

What course material do you currently teach?

  • Dr. Zeenny: Nephrology; Infectious Diseases; and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs).
  • Dr. Kabbara: Infectious Diseases; Clinical Pharmacokinetics; and APPEs.

What are your clinical pharmacy practice areas?

  • Dr. Zeenny: Nephrology and Infectious Diseases, at University Medical Center-Rizk Hospital (UMC-RH).
  • Dr. Kabbara: Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics/Neonatal Intensive Care, at UMC-RH.

What made you decide to sit for board certification and what added value such credentials provide?

  • Dr. Zeenny: Board certification demonstrates one’s advanced level of experience, knowledge and skills, and continuous professional development and career advancement. It is an accomplishment that increases one’s credibility and demonstrates a high level of commitment to pharmacy practice in general, and to a defined area of practice.
  • Dr. Kabbara: Board certification demonstrates advanced competence and excellence in clinical pharmacy practice. It adds value to my professional development and students’ education, and improves patient care. It will also help me to better serve as a role model to our students for them to become better pharmacy practitioners.

Pharmacy Board certifications are administered by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, an autonomous division of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).