Anthony Capomacchia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Campus: Byblos
LAU Extension: 2460
Office Location: CHSC 6104C

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Capomacchia joined the Lebanese American University School of Pharmacy in September 2014. He came from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy in the U.S. where he was Associate Professor, Director of Sloan Foundation Minority Doctoral Program, Director NIH:UGA-NCAT Bridges to the Doctorate Program, and interim Department Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Capomacchia brings with him a long-standing experience in teaching, research, graduate studies, and service, as well as in student recruitment and mentoring.

Education and Training

  • B.S. in Pharmacy, University of Florida
  • Ph.D. in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Florida

Scholarly Interests

  • Drug formulation
  • Pharmacy student development for industrial or entrepreneurial enterprises

Selected Publications

  • Yuan X, Capomacchia AC. Influence of physicochemical properties on the in vitro skin permeation of the enantiomers, racemate, and eutectics of ibuprofen for enhanced transdermal drug delivery. J Pharm Sci 2013;102:1957-1969.

  • Thakare M, Israel B, Garner ST, Ahmed H, Garner P, Elder D, Price JC, Capomacchia AC. Formulation parameters and release mechanism of theophylline loaded ethyl cellulose microspheres: effect of different dual surfactant ratios. Pharm Dev Technol 2013;18:1213-1219.

  • Yuan X, Capomacchia AC. Physicochemical studies of binary eutectic of ibuprofen and ketoprofen for enhanced transdermal drug delivery. Drug Dev Ind Pharm 2010;36:1168-1176.

  • Collier JW, Thakare M, Garner ST, Israel B, Ahmed H, Granade S, Strong DL, Price JC, Capomacchia AC. Accelerated dissolution testing for controlled release microspheres using the flow-through dissolution apparatus. Pharm Dev Technol 2009;14:9-17.