Why Choose the LAU School of Pharmacy?

In Their Own Words

When LAU professional years pharmacy students and faculty of the School of Pharmacy were polled on what they are most proud of at the School, here are just some of the few words that they had to share:

Students’ Perspective

  • The School makes me proud of my achievements and motivates me to work harder and be ambitious
  • Students are encouraged to give their best and be respectable and trustworthy professionals
  • ACPE accreditation
  • Reputation
  • Study and work environments
  • Classroom time: real life examples often shared
  • University and School resources
  • Direct students engagement that allows the development of learning abilities and skills
  • Student involvement on a variety of committees
  • Activities on campus are very dynamic, allow students bonding, and create a great atmosphere
  • Teaching methods: projects and assignments allow us to look deeper into the topics
  • Dedication and commitment of faculty, preceptors, advisers, and staff
  • Students and instructors assemble to communicate, inspect, critique, and explore
  • Instructors real interest and enthusiasm in the course material, which is motivating to students
  • Faculty accessibility: they listen and take into consideration our comments, complaints, and suggestions

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Faculty Perspective

  • ACPE-accredited Pharm.D. program
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Highly qualified and professional students
  • Student centredeness
  • Students commitment to the School
  • Experiential education program
  • Preceptors mentor students closely during their APPE trainings helping them translate knowledge into understanding patient care
  • Graduating lifelong learner pharmacists rather than just educating students
  • School system and structure allow faculty and student to voice their opinion and participate in decision-making
  • Diversity of ideas
  • Ample resources
  • Positive and fun work environment
  • Collaborative teamwork approach
  • Excellent facilities and beautiful campus and town
  • Outcome assessment culture that is growing
  • Outreach to the community with our awareness activities

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